"Scattered" Diamond Bracelet

As desirable as the scattered pattern is, are you desiring a seamless, symmetrical look as well? You are not alone. And yes, there are options! Chantel came to us excited to create her first custom piece of Mary Frances Maker jewelry for herself. We are so impressed with Chantel for the way she has started, grown and continues on her own travel business, and we were thrilled to be a part of helping her celebrate her success with this sparkling new bracelet!

We knew it was going to be good when Chantel first came to us with a piece of tissue paper full of loose diamonds (literally in an old scrap of tissue paper) that had been at the bottom of her mother’s jewelry box. They were all kinds of shapes - all little sprinkles of sparkle (say that ten times fast). Mary Frances and Chantel then talked about the best way to organize the stones (i.e. confetti vs. a straight line vs. crunched to the center). They decided on a happy combination of the three - a symmetrical but fun layout of different diamond pairings. When Chantel first saw her mock-ups in the design proposal, she was taken back by the creative layout she admitted to never thinking of! It was love at first sight. Once the piece was created, it was loved all the more. If you love the digital or physical replica of the final piece, imagine how much you’ll love it even more once it’s all crafted to perfection just the way you like it!

We are honored to be a part of Chantel’s every day jewelry look. By itself a masterpiece but it is all the more special knowing she wears it with a cuff she had bought for herself and her daughter a few years ago. The bonus on this project is knowing we have a fellow female entrepreneur in our court, to encourage and lift each another up on these journeys!

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