In the Mood for a Launch

In the mood for a mood board!? Us too. These bits of inspiration have led to custom designs reflecting wavy mirrors and decor, feminine and frilly clothes as heirloom jewelry worn by every generation and more collaborations to stretch the limits of creativity. 

A little history/background - Mary Frances started this biz in Asheville where she fell in love with the beautiful terrain, always hiking, being outdoors, taking her pup Porter on long walks, etc. The texture of the birch tree always caught her eye and one day she finally said screw it.. she went foraging for bark (don’t be mad - she only took what was easily accessible from the trees, no harm was done to nature) and to this day she still casts pieces from birch bark. One of her very first collections was birch.

We are bringing back new ways that are better than ever. Now, birch in every shape and form will be available in solid 14k yellow gold, to stand the test of time and be passed on for generations. Several pieces are personalizable, allowing them tell your story. And along with the signature birch, we're excited to launch new bangles to stack with the birch pieces - a fully fleshed collection of MFM fine jewelry for you, a dream Mary Frances has had for YEARS. Only seems fitting that the launch is happening just months before MFM's 10 year anniversary (say what?!). 

Curious about our bangles?? Check out our last blog to see and learn more!

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