Kind Words From MFM Concierge's First Client


During one holiday season, a dear family friend reached out to me struggling to find the right gifts for his wife and two daughters. When their birthdays came about the following Spring, he reached out again. This time, he sent me a list of their birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations, and since they had loved my recommendations, he asked if I could help for each of these occasions.

Of course, I thought, this is it. I love choosing the perfect gift for the perfect recipient each year. I love playing secret Santa and delighting my family and friends with something they genuinely want and cherish. Why didn't I use the joy I felt in gift giving to help my clients?

It’s been four years since I said yes to that incredible family friend, and it’s been a joy to commemorate his family’s accomplishments and celebrations with unique custom jewelry, all while removing the stress from his busy life.

Here is what he shared about his experience as an MFM Concierge Member:

"Mary Frances makes me look like some kind of gift-giving genius. She asks questions about what my wife and adult daughters do and don't like, keeps up with what they already have and what might complement it next, and gives me ideas and choices I could never come up with myself. Mary Frances has also taken pieces of jewelry my wife has inherited but doesn't wear and made suggestions on how to repurpose the stones, or designed pieces that use and flatter the family gemstones in a more current setting. When she ships me the piece before it's time for me to give it as a present, she even includes the gift wrap. She's truly the best."

I am so thankful to continue to serve this client for a fifth year and thrilled to offer this stress-reducing experience to everyone through MFM Concierge.

All the best,

Mary Frances

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