Spaced Eternity Ring: Giving New Life to Old Heirlooms


Oh I love a good celebration moment. TBH I’m not crazy about the term “push present” (gasp), I DO believe momentous occasions deserve marking - especially with a piece of heirloom jewelry you’ll wear now, and your kids can wear later!

With the impending arrival of ES’s first baby, her husband and parents conspired to give her the sapphire pendant that her dad gave her mom when she was born with the intention of resetting it into a piece for ES to wear when their son arrived. I love little touch-points like this! The sapphire pendant was perfect for mom when  ES was born, and now ES gets to make it her own to celebrate the arrival of her son.

She initially only wanted 8 diamonds for the spaced eternity band but after seeing the wax version with either 8 diamonds OR 10, she fell in love with the upgrade! We loved bringing new life to this piece to celebrate the new life this couple brought into the world! It’s a honor we don’t take lightly, and we love celebrating all your moments with you.

All the best,

Mary Frances 

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