The Sentiment of Stones: Custom Cluster Ring

At MFM, we love to share custom stories of the sentiment behind the pieces we create. But, what we love even more is using our client's voice to share their own stories with you. The story below is pieced together from what our client shared about the significance of the cluster ring that we created for her. Using diamonds from both of her grandmothers made this project extra special, and we are so grateful she trusted us with this piece, and her story. 


"My family has always loved fine jewelry, and my dad has given my mom and I beautiful pieces throughout the years. We both love to have jewelry that we can wear with jeans but also a cocktail dress. I love classic pieces that will last a lifetime. All my pieces are sentimental, but this is my first true heirloom piece!

My beautiful ring is a cluster diamond ring - with one larger diamond in the middle set in white gold. 13 of the 24 diamonds belonged to my grandmothers. The center, larger stone was an orphan earring from my maternal grandmother, and the outer ring of stones were from a ring worn by my paternal grandmother. The setting is made from the original ring setting as well. I wanted to have this ring made with my grandmothers' diamonds for not only me but also for generations to come!

When I opened my MFM ring, I was completely in awe! Not only was the piece breathtakingly beautiful, it was also truly amazing to know the history of the metal and stones. I couldn't get it on my finger fast enough, and still find myself just looking at it throughout the day. "


All the best,

Mary Frances

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