Make It Personal: Baguette Ring

The ultimate stackable stunner is made by you, for you and to represent whoever you choose. Personalize the semi-custom baguette ring with all the same stone, or maybe choose several different ones, emphasizing an array of colors! Gift to your mom, sister, best friend, or…you! When K came across this semi-custom piece, she knew the perfect recipient for it, herself. Not only did she think it was beautiful, she also thought it was super cool to customize her own band with all amethysts. We can all learn something from K, clearly. Life is short! Get the ring! 

*Tip* If you hate the feeling of clunky jewelry that gets in the way on the day to day, rings might not be your go-to. If that's you, the baguette ring is the perfect accessory to be both fashionable and comfy! It has flush set stones (aka they won't get caught on anything) and was designed for comfort with its smooth interior surface. 



All amethyst baguette ring

 Choose anywhere from three stones to six stones in your semi-custom process!


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