Make It Personal: Birthstone Necklace

 A sweet client of ours who is local to Atlanta, L, found MFM on Instagram and stumbled upon the perfect gift for his loving wife (precious ...we know). A birthstone necklace! Being able to personalize what stones were placed in the necklace was what really caught his attention! He picked birthstones for several of his wife's favorite people’s birth months. We got to be part of this incredible gift that ended up being a magical Christmas surprise! After getting to meet them in person and hear their story, this experience quickly found its way right in the center of our hearts (I mean come on!!).

customizable six stone necklace

I have in the past given D some pieces that had important birthstones in the piece. When I saw your 4 or 7 birthstone arrangement where I could custom select stones, I was sold. D loves the idea of having her mother, sister, son, daughter in law, granddaughters and me (yep, even me) close to her. She is now wearing the necklace 24 hours a day which is doable given the fine nature of the necklace.” -L


Customizable five stone necklace

We believe in getting to semi-custom the jewelry styles you love to always keep those personal touches a part of your experience with MFM.

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