Make It Personal: Diamond J Hoops


K's diamond J Hoops

Meaning adds value to everything. Sometimes, no rhyme or reason gives a different kind of meaning to something sentimental! Take it from a client of ours who just had a remarkable Christmas, if we do say so ourselves. She loved the style and the everyday appeal of our semi-custom collection and was gifted 3 different MFM pieces, one of which was a pair of diamond J Hoops she selected for herself. She was first a custom client (for a beautiful pink morganite ring with a stone that we sourced) and now, she has three pieces from the semi-custom collection, as well as collaboration pieces from over the years. So really…it’s as simple as that! Watch your collection grow by not limiting yourself, and allow yourself to invest in the looks that you love that completely steal your attention!!

"YES!! IT arrived! I love the earrings!  They look beautiful!
Thank you!
 "Mary Frances,
I received three beautiful pieces you created over the holidays. THANK YOU!! I LOVE wearing them! They are great addition to my beautiful morganite ring!"


 These hoops are part of our semi-custom collection because you can choose what color stones you want in your hoops and still wear them every day!! Like the ones below:


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