Mother's Day Story

Something our children do so wonderfully, besides humble us, is inspire us. It becomes great fuel to motivate our creative juices. Scarier than how honest they can be is how quickly Mother’s Day is sneaking up on us! And to commemorate an eternity of a mother’s love, an eternity ring is the perfect token.

A dear highlight we’d love to share is D's custom eternity band - inspired by her children and grandchildren! Every stone along the band features the birthstone of everyone in her family, including her husband and herself. The custom process is such a unique way to represent your people!

**Let us pause here to let you know the deadline to book your call for our Mother’s Day custom pieces is March 15th**

Our hearts are so full when clients choose to share their custom process story with us.

My first custom piece was a grandmother [birthstone] necklace inspired by one my daughter-in-law had given me several years ago. My husband wanted in on it so it became a grandparents' necklace, but I soon regretted not including my DIL too when my granddaughter asked which stone was for her mommy. She names the stones nearly every time I see her, and I wear the necklace 24-7. When my other kids visited, they good naturedly demanded to know where they were on the necklace. That prompted the design of an eternity ring that has stones for every child, child-in-law, grandchild, my husband, and me. Fortuitously my birthstone is diamond, so those are used for the extra stones needed to close the loop. This too I wear all of the time.

I feel the pieces are friendly, if that's a word that can be used for jewelry. Classy but not stuffy.

Even though there is so much conversation and planning in the custom process, there is still plenty of space for your custom piece to take your breath away! 

Whether the mother you’d like to honor is your own, yourself, a daughter, a grandmother, etc. Build your piece that carries your love and appreciation for them at all times. This year (& every year) it’s the mothers around us that deserve to create the personalized jewelry of their dreams.

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