A Mother's Day Story

A couple of weeks back, we had our pop-up hosted by Hinge Creative Co. in Athens, GA and boy was it fun! So much came from this event, as so many unexpected things typically do. From what the weather will look like, what will draw new eyes to our table, the conversations we have, and the people we meet! In Athens, we met S, an unexpected meet but one that definitely was meant to be. This pop-up was one of the first times we were able to show the world our new collection of bangles and birch, so this was more so the time that S and our birch met (<3). S loved the birch texture and the daintiness of the bangles. She was drawn to the simplicity of it but her dreaming didn’t stop there. She asked if she could add her children’s birthstones. We were one step ahead of her, already offering our semi-custom birch bangle designs! On our tangible custom board, she was able to play around with colorways and stones to see how exactly she wanted the gems to fall on her bangle. 

During this process, we got to learn not just about what she wanted but about her children that were going to be represented in this piece. Each child has his/her own story and we got to hear a bit about each one! S was so joyful and fun to work with…she was laid back and trusted MFM’s expertise. It was fun to grow such a connection with a client through this process using our design board! What began as a quick shop stop for S ended up with her leaving with an exciting personalized piece in the making! As soon as the details were relayed to our Amazing bench jeweler and caster, the piece was a go! 


The day that seems to creep up maybe the most, Mother’s Day is sneaking its way to us! Are you a mother looking for a subtle reminder of your people? An empty nester that wants to have everyone together at all times? Represent them on your new customized piece to always look down and remember your forever family unit. Are you looking for your mom? Consider this blog an add to cart experience and thank us later! 

Explore all the ways you can personalize MFM, from birch bangles to cigar band rings! And pssst….our deadline for Mother’s Day is April 19th!
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