Tips! Finding Your Ring Size

This is for all you readers out there because we know that 95% of shoppers don’t know this detail about themselves…your ring size. But it is well worth it to know juuuuust in case ;) There are several ways you can do this by adding one more errand to your task list, or even a few DIY methods in your own home! If you’re considering getting down on one knee or looking to buy yourself a shiny new happy from our online store, let us hand out a few helpful tips to make sure you’re getting the correct ring size. 

The most obvious and easiest way to get your/her finger sized 1) go to a jeweler. This can happen in a couple of different ways. Ladies, if you’re in the mall, pop in a jewelry store and ask to get your finger sized. Never hurts! Men, if you’re looking to do this with your girlfriend and she’s okay with knowing…consider using this as your next fun date idea! Take her to dinner and throw out the idea of popping into the ring store next door (so many brownie points will come with this). If you don’t want your lady knowing, snag one of her rings that you see her wear often on her ring finger and take that to get sized! Another tip…If you can’t sneak off with one of her rings, measure the inside of her ring by tracing it on a piece of paper and take that in! They should be able to help you size it. 

Another tip is to measure with a flexible measuring tape. You can place it around your finger and if it doesn’t slide over the knuckle, that’s when you’ve got it. If you do have a ring collection already, you can put one on and shake your hand like a crazy person and if it doesn’t slide over the knuckle, go ahead and hand that to your boyfriend and…he’ll get the hint. If you (or your girlfriend) are not a jewelry person…don’t worry, we have a tip for you too! Grab a shoelace…yup, a shoelace. Wrap that around your/her finger and again, make sure it’s not too loose to slide over the knuckle but also make sure it’s not too tight to where it hurts or is uncomfortable. Fold your fingers to know best, as your fingers can change as they move. **Weather is also a factor** (If it’s warmer, your finger will increase in size, if colder, your finger will shrink so be aware of this). Take the shoelace off the finger once it’s at the perfect placement and leave your finger or a marker where the string overlaps. Lay it along a ruler and Voila! The perfect ring size is right there. And you’re even more crafty than you even knew!

Different rings can call for different measuring tips. Most rings are generally the same but one we want to highlight, because it’s a personal fav, is the cigar band. We suggest that our clients order one of our cigar band rings a half size bigger than normal. 

Now we know most people don’t know, or simply put it off, but go have some fun outside of your office or home office, wherever you find yourself working these days. And go get your fingers sized! You will not regret it and we promise it will come in HANDy ;)

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