Round Up: Celebrating Motherhood

With Mother’s Day around the corner, allow us to step in and give you some inspiration - celebratory and sentimental jewelry pieces for your unique journeys of motherhood.

Birthstone Necklace - garnet, amethyst, peridot

This birthstone necklace to represents each of our client's three children. A classic MFM style that can be worn everyday with ease, reminding the wearer of her people... whether they're itty bitty or have left the nest.

 Baguette Ring - Represents their first child, mother and father.

A baguette ring personalized with the birthstones of K's first child, herself, and her husband. Best part about the baguette ring? It gives you the option to continue adding stones as their family grows!

Custom Cluster Diamond Bangle - Happy first Mother's Day to E!

After E envisioned this custom bangle with us, her husband worked with us to create it as a gift to commemorate their first child together. He surprised her by using diamonds from his grandmother's ring - a piece that will be cherished for generations!

Mother/Daughter Custom Cluster Ring

Custom Bezel Set Disc Necklace and Hoops - From Mother to Daughter with sentimental stones.
Mary Frances has worked with both mother and daughter on pieces in the past for each other. Such a cool relationship and so great they understand each other's style!
“Mary Frances!! My mom came to Atlanta and brought the jewelry pieces with her. They. Are. Stunning!!! Absolutely incredible. And even better in person! Every time I look in the mirror, I just stare at them. Thank you so much for going above and beyond to turn my vision into a reality. I am so glad we chose to work with you and I’m so excited to wear them!... Words cannot describe how much I love it - every detail is perfect.”

Custom Burst Necklace
Designed with a kick ass artist client of ours - each diamond represents a member of her family (her husband, her two daughters and herself). She came to us with the idea of intentionally leaving two settings empty to represent two children she never got to meet due to miscarriages. What an honor to know H's story and get to work with such a creative with a vision for a piece that held so much meaning. Just like the Burst necklace, that's what they say about motherhood...your heart will burst. And ain't that the truth.

PSA! Today is the last day to place your online order with Mary Frances Maker to ensure you receive in time for Mother's Day!

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