Our Thoughts on Legacy

The diamonds, they stick out. Big colorful gemstones, they stick out too. Have you ever noticed a fabulous custom stack (rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc.) that all look so unbelievably perfect together? Though this time, it may be the more simple timeless/classic pieces that catch your eye and what allows a collection like that to grow. We’ve created several pieces that we consider “legacy pieces” that hold extra worth in their weight of gold or bold stones. The best part about these pieces is all the ways you can personalize them, beyond what initially meets the eye. Personal opinion, another plus about these pieces, like mentioned before, is how well (and how many) you can continue to add to a stack to grow your jewelry box.

For example, the Ruby Branch Ring, a Ruby Pendant, or an Emerald Necklace. Or maybe lets say a Wavy Bangle or a Birch Cuff..!? ;)

These legacy pieces are so iconic because not only do the pieces outlive us on this earth (insane to think about, gives us goosebumps!), but so do the stories that were created each time they're worn. Allowing each piece to hold real moments and feelings! Like the bangle you wore the night you got engaged, now you make sure to wear it on every anniversary. The custom necklace with your favorite stone you purchased when you got your dream job, now gifted to your daughter for her graduation. The earrings you created for your daughter's wedding day using diamonds from your engagement ring. The ideas can go on, and it doesn't just stop with one generation. As you continue to cherish your legacy pieces, they'll become something your closest friends and family notice, reminding them of you or a special time in their lives. Maybe your son decides to buy a wedding gift for his wife just like a piece of yours that you’ve worn and he loves, continuing a tradition. 

At MFM, we are dedicated to filling your home with celebratory, finer pieces that hold both monetary value and priceless memories - legacy pieces if you will. You have the ability to reach out to this small team and talk about what you’re envisioning. We love coming up with unique personalizations (i.e. engraving, a special metal, a loose family stone, etc.). Every piece is designed, hand-made, cast, finished, and wrapped up by this small and mighty team, dedicated to quality that will last beyond your lifetime. So, how will you wear your legacy? ;)


Psst! Read about Mary Frances's personal experience with legacy pieces on Substack!

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