Before & After: Diamonds to Olives

We can turn Diamonds into Olives! We’re THAT good!

Just kidding.

But we sure can create that kind of vision! Using Amy’s diamonds from an unworn watch, we made her a new ring that reminds her of her favorite destination: Italy. 

Amy wanted to have something Italian be a part of the story in her new piece. We discussed Italian words, sneaky Roman numerals, the olive branch motif, etc. All fun discussions during our custom process. We landed on the olive branch motif. With a love for bold pieces, we landed on a cigar band ring, an MFM classic favorite. Mary Frances’ craftsmanship really shined through as she created the olive branches in wax, free handing each leaf, all the way around the band. The stones from the watch were subtly set, nested into the branches. Just like an olive tree, it beckons you to come in closer to see each sentimental sparkling diamond!

Now, Amy can put on her ring and be back in Italy on any given day! Who knows…maybe this was just us manifesting a trip to Italy, maybe for a birthday (which we dare say is coming up..!!). 

“THANK YOU!! You and Mary Frances delivered on your promise and the ring is gorgeous! I can’t stop looking at it and love it more and more the more I do look at it. I can’t thank y’all enough for your work during this process. It’s been a dream come true. I appreciate the updates and transparency. Y’all are the best!

I'm so excited to continue to work with you both again for my birthday necklace!”

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