Tips! How to Clean Your Jewelry

This is hands down one of the most asked about topics for jewelry. As valuable and well made your jewelry is, it still requires some tender love and care. Keep reading for our helpful and handy jewelry cleaning tips! 


The most basic and easiest way to clean your jewelry is with warm water, dish soap and a clean toothbrush. If you’re anything like my mother growing up, you have an extra 2 or 3 around the house at all times. You can also, before brushing, leave your jewelry to soak in the warm water and soap for about 15-30 minutes!

NOTE***: With softer gems like pearls and opals, be careful not to let them soak long and be extra gentle!

For silver and gold (not semi-precious gemstones!!), a great non-toxic option is baking soda! If you let your pieces soak in this, be careful not to brush hard at all afterward. 

A polishing cloth is great for removing dirt, tarnish, oils, fingerprints, and dullness but they will not be able to remove scratches!

And of course the most seen option on the market today is an ultrasonic cleaner. For enhanced cleaning in these machines, you can use a mild dish soap or jewelry cleaning solution (10 parts water: 1 part cleaner)! 

This simple task feels so much like taking the trash out, unloading the dishwasher, cleaning makeup brushes. The task we KNOW is simple, we desperately want it done, but we always expect it to be more time consuming than it is. Trust us…we all have 5 minutes to spare! You’ll be seeing your pieces in a whole new appreciation when you see how they can REALLY sparkle with just a little love and affection. Help them to feel new again :) If you’re cleaning your MFM pieces, show us!!! We love to be reminded of all the unbelievable pieces that have gone out our doors.

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