Reimagine Your Jewelry Box: Aquamarine & Diamond Ring

We all have so much inspiration surrounding us constantly. But what is more inspirational than our children? I started chatting with my sister-in-law, Patterson, a few weeks after her second son was born. She was wanting to create a ring that represented "her boys" (her husband and her two sons). Before the conversation, we had sourced a gorgeous cushion cut aquamarine with big plans in mind. But once Patterson laid her eyes on it, those plans changed. She needed it! So of course, we used it, and the aquamarine became the center stone in her custom ring.
Patterson also had a pair of diamond earrings given to her as a teenager from her deceased grandfather, sitting untouched, ready to be set…the perfect completion to the ring! The final product embodied three stones…3 stones for 3 boys - with a touch of blue. To include even more sentimentality, we engraved the interior of the ring with her two sons and husband’s initials engraved. Not seen by everyone else, but rather just for her - a constant reminder of her favorite people. Because, truthfully, we believe wholeheartedly here at MFM that jewelry is for YOU, not for anyone else. Make stuff that matters to you.
This ring is special for a number of reasons. What made Patterson’s bespoke ring so unique is that it comes from gemstones old and gemstones new. The aquamarine blew her away and because of its faint blue tone, she knew it was perfect to represent the special boys (& man) in her life. What’s surrounding you that’s inspiring you? You may be amazed at what you already possess to use for that something special!
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