Reimagine Your Jewelry Box: Scatter Pendants & A Ruby Crescent

When was the last time you had the time to go through the boxes in your basement? (Have you ever had the time…?!) Just to see what you have, see what could be lost, or better yet, see what could be found! We all know half of the things in your basement were put there in good spirit (been there) but that spirit sometimes moves a tad too quickly. How about your jewelry? When was the last time you fixated on the pieces on the bottom of your jewelry box? Sometimes reopening your box is like seeing things for the first time! 


Our client, Cindy, (sent to us from a dear friend and previous client, we love word of mouth!) dreamed of having a layered stack of necklaces and pendants that could be worn together, or separately, and. She brought us two pieces of jewelry that she had…you guessed it…on the bottom of her jewelry box. One being a ruby bracelet with spread out diamonds and one being a stunning diamond broach - both she felt were just too dated for her current taste, and she desperately wanted them to feel more modern, fun, and true to her current aesthetic. From these pieces, we created two separate necklaces that, once you see layered, you can’t see one without the other! We designed two scatter pendants beautifully held together by a removable bail (that she can use on a multitude of other pendants in her jewelry box - we love a good versatility moment!) on one of our new favorite chains - the long-short chain, as well as a crescent ruby necklace on our thick cable chain to layer alongside. Worn together, this created the perfect necklace set to take Cindy from her everyday to special occasions.

We know you love your jewelry. If you go searching for pieces that you feel have been lost, let’s transform them into exquisite showpieces that you will never want out of your sight! Motivated? We hope so. Don’t leave those pieces lonely any longer and let us help you place your stones into a setting that makes you think, wow... THAT is where they belong. Book your free virtual consultation with us right here.
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