Shower Thoughts: Fine Jewelry should be FUN

A few weeks ago, we did a super fun pop-up in Athens, GA with some incredibly talented other female business owners. For months, (maybe years?) I’ve had this idea in my head for in-person events that would showcase how customizable all of our pieces are to anyone walking by. Ya know, the gemstones we work with can be so tiny, and asking someone to get inches from your table to see the details can be a lot to ask (esp if you’re just meeting them!), but inviting them in for a show and tell, interactive experience? That felt like something we could do. Yall, if this wasn’t my middle school science fair girlie self living her best life. The Monday before the Athens pop-up (it was on a Wednesday), I looked at Ranna and said “We’re doing it. Can you help me make it happen?” She giggled at me (as she should’ve, this is such a silly idea), but of course said yes.


My vision for this pop up was to have a giant board at eye level with physical printed images of all of our jewelry pieces, and then in another column, we would have all of our gemstones in round and baguette form to scale (also just printed 2d pictures). Somehow, we would allow for the gemstones to be affixed on top of the jewelry pictures so clients could actually physically create and visualize their new personalized jewelry piece. And yall… IT WORKED. Like this crazy looney crafty girl dream of mine actually came true (biggest shoutout ever to Ranna and her sweet husband for cutting out all the pieces!!)


Ranna covered a foam core board in a pretty blush linen, we double-stick-taped the jewelry silhouettes in one column of the board and the gemstones in another column of the board, and clients got to MAKE their jewelry at our pop-up! It was truly and I realized: THIS IS WHAT IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE!!!! IDK about you but when I think of my grandmother’s fine jewelry, I don’t think of fun. I think of stuffy wool coats, untouchable velvet boxes, delicate filigree, etc etc. But something has shifted in recent years - jewelry has and SHOULD be FUN again. As I mentioned in my last Shower Thoughts™ post, we can write our own stories. And our own jewelry stories.. they should be fun! We should be able to feel like we can play with the jewelry we wear, make it our own, make it feel true to our personalities through the motifs we’re drawn to, the colors and shapes we like.


Yes, jewelry is an investment. (Another topic for another ST) But when investing in something that’s timeless and personalized, shouldn’t it also be something you’re over the moon excited about? That you had SO MUCH FUN picking out?! So I’m gunna challenge you on this the next time you have a crazy idea (even when it feels totally “off brand” or “not the way things are done in the industry”) - can I just dare to say to do it anyway? “Your people” might just be as weird as you and love it. (another huge shout out to "my people" - the ones who loved it and got it and wanted to play jewelry paper dolls with me in Athens. You bet your bottom dollar this jewelry board badboy thingy is coming on all our pop ups from now on. Note to self: buy stock in double stick tape).

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