Sourced Stones: Ruby Branch Ring


This couple, John + Anne, has been a big supporter of MFM since the beginning. So much history has deepened our bond over the years from the relationship not only with them but with their four children as well. We were beyond thrilled when John thought of us when he needed help creating the perfect present to give to his bride of 40 years. What has meant the most to them over their marriage is their kids and their love for one another. All of these details were captured in this piece. Because of Anne's adventuring spirit and love for all things natural, we landed on the branch setting to incorporate that organic element into the ring. What is so unbelievable is how the branches symbolize her nesting as a mother. The way they hold, so intricately and tenderly, the rubies. Similarly to how you would think of a mother’s love. We sourced the four oval rubies to represent each of their daughters. ***designer note: leveling the rubies on different planes to elevate visual interest was a challenge but ultimately a reward. A challenge? We can handle it*** See what we mean by seeing her close up here


The whole piece was so full circle…it was a knock-out. Landing on rubies was the easy part - rubies being the traditional gift for a 40th wedding anniversary. Seeing these traditions continued is what continues to add value to them so we love to see it! It was such an honor to work with John on this piece to commemorate such a special couple on such a special occasion. Love makes the world, and work, So Much Fun! 



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