Sourced Stones: Emerald Cut Engagement Ring



Calling allllll the brides all over the map. Finding the perfect ring is an adventure. From the metals, to the setting, to the diamond, every detail deserves thought and care. Especially the center stone sourcing. One of our special brides, K (I got to meet with K & her fiance on a trip to Austin! SO much fun meeting them IRL), was set on wanting a dramatic east west diamond, and with this being the bride’s top priority, I got searching. K is also a business owner (instantly connected over all things small biz), so she and I were both in problem solving mode. . . The baguette diamond she envisioned simply did not exist. I knew something big, something beautiful, something unique, were all on the requirement list and after some design scheming, I discovered the perfect fit! 

On the next delivery to MFM was a 2 carat, emerald cut diamond (a very exciting delivery day!). Once "set" in the wax horizontally, I wanted to make the stone feel more dramatic. So, I added an “extended” bezel to make the stone look even longer. Just what the doctor ordered! I was thrilled when K posted engagement photos of herself finally in her dream ring! Your engagement ring is to be an outward representation of your style and your story. You found your perfect match, you deserve to have the piece you've envisioned, that you love, cherish, and can pass down for generations. 


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