Sourced Stones: 3 Stone Engagement Ring

Three stones for three words. Happily Ever After. Engagement rings are always so special to us!! Starting with hearing what a client has in mind makes it so fun for us to get to dream about the ring turning into a reality. George knew what he (more like what Franny, his future fiance) wanted. A three stone diamond ring - he just needed help making it happen. These two are adventurers in every sense of the word - car camping through Montana, making regular trips to New Mexico with family, living for a Summer in Jackson Hole, the love of cheffing it up in the kitchen and trying new restaurants... the list goes on! Franny truly needed a ring she could wear for all of their adventures to come, one that would be safe and sound, but still achieve the feminine and classic look. What we landed on - a stunning round center stone with 2 tapered baguettes on either side. I found four beautiful round cut diamond options for George to choose from and from there, I sent him photos and videos of each one so he could choose which one was his favorite. It’s not just the style of the ring that’s so fun, it’s the specs of the diamonds that create the ring to be truly unlike any ring that’s ever been done before! After selecting his center stone, we sought back out to find two tapered baguettes that would compliment the center round diamond. 


After a hometown park proposal, the celebration unfolded with a surprise party at Franny’s childhood home where she got to show off her new custom ring..a dream come true! The completed ring is definitely feminine, but the center round stone is tough enough for all of the adventuring they love to do together (like the trip to France they took right after their engagement) !!

“The greatest treasure ever !!!!! Thank you so much for creating the MOST special piece ever - it was the sweetest day ever ever !! I can’t get over the sparkle!”



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