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Birch Pendant

Birch Pendant

cast from our signature birch

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Tell your unique story with the Birch Pendant. This classic oval pendant can be engraved with a special initial to keep your loved ones close. Made from birch bark and cast into solid 14k yellow gold, it can be stacked or worn alone for a statement. Perfect for all ages.

Looking to personalize this piece? We love the idea of having it engraved with special initials! Get in touch to learn more.


First, we hand-cut pieces of birch bark in our GA studio. We then coat the birch in a thin wax. The wax is cast into solid 14k yellow gold using the lost wax casting method and hammered into shape.

The lost wax casting method is a process where wax models are created and put into a vat of investment. The best way to explain investment is to akin it to concrete; both begin as a powder, water is added so is takes the form of a liquid. After some time, the liquid hardens, and in speaking about investment, the hardened investment hardens around the wax model. The wax-in-investment vat is put into an oven where the wax is melted out, and a cavity in the shape of the model remains. Molten metal is poured into the cavity, and your jewelry comes out! A quick quench, cleaning, and polish, and it's ready to love and wear for generations.

Want to use your own stones or customize this piece further? Click here to book a complimentary custom consultation call.


Signature Birch Collection pieces are kept in stock and will ship within 2-3 days of order placement. What we have in stock is what we have in stock; we will not be reordering before the holiday season and will likely discontinue this product as-is by the end of 2023. If you love the Birch Collection pieces, now's the time to stock up!

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