Behind the Scenes: Time Pendant



From MFM's 5th Anniversary Party

As we near ten years (that number blows my mind!), we often reflect on previous milestones. One in particular is the time pendant we launched on our 5th anniversary in 2019. While starting a business is not a ~breeze~ we have come to always trust the timing of our journey. And with that, we want to spread that positivity! Encouraging you to live life to the fullest and live in the moment. There are so many times where we wish we could stop the clock. And since we don’t exactly have that trick in our magic hat, instead, we create beautiful jewelry that helps us to remember those moments. A special touch to this necklace is choosing what birthstone (or diamond) you add to the center. The time pendant continues to be one of our most popular pieces. Take it from one of our own, Margaret Deans, who wears all three of her pendants on the same chain to represent each of her children. Slow the clock down by pausing to reflect on what and who means the most to you and create your own personalized time pendant!




"Mary Frances and I have been dear, dear friends the moments we stepped on Wofford College's campus in August of 2009. I have been following her journey as a jeweler since then and I am CONSTANTLY proud of her and in awe of her work. I have a necklace that I have been collecting pendants on and when I had my first baby in 2019, I wanted to add something that represented her. The other two pendants are a gold coin my grandfather gave me upon his death and another is a something my mom gave me from her grandmother on my wedding day. I love birthstones so I instantly thought of the Time Pendant and Mary Frances for growing my special collection. Now I have one for each of my daughters and they are truly my most cherished items. I don't take my necklace off ever. Thank you MFM for my most favorite pieces!!" - MD

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