Custom Stories: Kate's Diamond Wedding Band

wedding ring divet

When I met Kate last Fall, I had no idea the impact she and her business would have on MFM. After a few coffee sessions and lots of brainstorming, what began as a business relationship quickly turned into a friendship. Kate became a confidant and listening ear during the rebranding process while simultaneously leveling up the custom side of my business in ways I could’ve never dreamt of. For all my custom people, you know that nifty customized client portal you have? Thank Kate for opening my eyes to cool tools like that to upgrade your experience in working with MFM.

So when Kate asked me to design her wedding ring for her upcoming nuptials, I was beyond honored. The result when she picked up her completed white gold diamond ring? I’ll let her take it from here... “It was immediate joy and excitement - it was the first moment our wedding felt real and right around the corner since I picked it up the week before we got married. I couldn’t resist putting it on to see how it paired with my engagement ring, and I wore it all the way home so I could look at it while I drove. It was incredibly unique in comparison to other bands I’d seen, and it felt very me. I was counting down the days until I could wear it forever.” Thank you for letting me play a small role in such a beautiful part of your life, Kate!


wedding band divetwedding band divet








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