Custom Stories: Redesign Family Earrings for my Wedding

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In anticipation of my wedding, I asked both my mom and my husband's grandmother if she had any pieces of jewelry she no longer wore or were broken that I could repurpose. My goal was to make 7 individual pieces of jewelry all originally from the same or two pieces for all the women in our family - my mom, my two sisters, my future grandmother-in-law, my future mother-in-law, my future sister-in-law, and myself. My husband's grandmother, Granny, gave me a beautiful pair of Tiffany’s hoops.

With Granny’s earrings, I hammered the braided hoops flat and then hand-sawed them into 8 pieces. For my sister in law’s studs, I added rose quartz cabochons with the braided pieces as a crescent below. Similar to my sisters' earrings with a pearl and gold crescent (see those here), but very much her own. For my mother in law, I hammered her braided pieces into baby hoops. And for Granny, sweet stud earrings.

But my earrings were, of course, my favorite of all because they were a combination of both my grandmother’s earrings and my husband’s grandmother’s earrings. I added a post to Granny’s braided pieces and connected them to my grandmother’s pearls. Simple and understated yet full to the brim with years and years of wisdom and love. 
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All photos by Perry Vaile Photography


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