Custom Stories: Redesigned Family Pearl Earrings for my Wedding


pearl redesign

In anticipation of my wedding, I asked my mom if she had any pieces of jewelry she no longer wore or were broken that I could repurpose. My goal was to make 4 individual pieces of jewelry all originally from the same piece. Something for my mom, for each of my two sisters, and something for myself that we could all wear on my wedding day. My mom gave me a pair of pearl earrings that were once my paternal grandmother’s with 8 pearls total - JACKPOT! I took all the pearls out of their original settings. 

My sisters each got a pair of earrings with a solid gold crescent bordering the underside of the stones - dangles for E, studs for G. My mom, a little extra sparkle. I knew she was wearing an ice blue dress with silver detailing for the wedding. I added white topaz stones around the border of her pearls to really give them some extra oomph. 

And for myself? Mine were the simplest, but of course, my favorite. You see, I’d also asked Hobbs’s grandmother to give me a piece of jewelry she no longer wore. She gave me a gorgeous pair of braided Tiffany hoops that I cut into multiple pieces (click here to read the story of these pieces for my SIL + MIL) I added a post to the braided pieces and attached them to my grandmother’s pearls - a perfect marriage & representation of our two families becoming one. 

Your wedding day accessories can be SO MUCH more than just jewelry. They’re a STORY!

All images taken by Perry Vaile Photography.

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