Ellie's Picks

Hey MFM lovers! Ellie here…I thought why not show you what my favorite Mary Frances Maker pieces are! I would looove to see what you guys are loving too. Leave them in the comments!

Starting with Rings…

  1. Baguette Birthstone Rings - I love the meaning you’re able to apply to these and the customization to choose all your favorite colors. Drooling over these constantly. (specifics are blue/green/purple color scheme and any orange/pink/red/ schemes)
  2. Spaced Eternity Ring - The versatility of these are unmatched and can be easily stacked with Anything!!! Could also be used as an elevated wedding band on days where you want just the band to wear. 

Next up with Bangles…

  1. Starting with, imagine this, the Spaced Eternity Bangle. A cohesive daily wear of jewels that flow is also hard to beat. It’s an MFM twist on the traditional tennis bracelet. You can also replace a stone with another gemstone for that personal touch!
  2. Scallop Bangle - Not all most prized pieces need to include gemstones/diamonds. Don’t hear what I’m not saying…I am drawn to stones. But when you’re creating your forever stacks, the classic gold stackable pieces helps break it up and can catch another’s eye with the beauty in its simplicity. 

And lastly, Pendants…

  1. Wavy Frame Pendant with a JUICY Stone - Like on MFM’s website, this frame holds an aquamarine and it’s probably my favorite piece of all. The light blue of an aquamarine is such a peaceful color to me and you’re set to not find another like it. Constantly in Cart.
  2. Wavy Disc Pendant on 18” Thin Rope Chain - This one speaks for itself. This as a wedding day gift seems just too perfect, with the birthstone of the bride’s new groom. I love how much weight there is to it with the detail still being dainty. I could go on about this one…

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