Travel Tips: Getting Your Jewels to Safety


If you’ve been watching closely, it will be no secret to you that MFM is on the move! If our feet aren’t moving, the gears are moving in coordinating the next adventure. And there will be no slowing down with spring and summer travels right around the corner. My family has started a new tradition to go to a new National Park every year, I'm scheming a trip to London this Fall with our fabulous Birdie Agency, taking a birthday trip for my husband to Westport together, all exciting things! Not to mention, the custom consultation travel we are working on putting on our calendar (p.s. if you know of an event or small biz in your city that would be a good partnership for MFM - holler at us!).

To no surprise, as avid lovers of jewelry, we’ve learned a bit along the way on the safest ways to travel with your jewels of choice. In Tucson, we hate to admit it, but we made a few errors:

  1. Brought too many pieces. You don’t need your whoooole jewelry collection when you travel, or if you do, you will definitely need a bigger travel case than what we brought! Here’s our trusty solution. Pack versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched aka 3 pendants and 2 chains for 4 different looks! No one will know. Pinky promise ;) 
  2. Too many chains on each little loop in our travel case. Blaming Ranna, our shameless studio manager, for packing up this travel case with multiple chains on each loop. A rookie mistake. Our necklaces arrived in one tangled ball that also snatched some earrings to make it even more exciting... When your travel case is being slung around in your carry-on or checked bag, the last thing you want is all of your chains to be thrown together to create a big ol tangle mess. Thankfully she learned her lesson and packed oh so strategically for the trip back home. (also she used her jewel school knowledge to untangle a necklace like a pro! All is forgiven)
    1. p.s. this is an oldie but a goodie… put your necklace chains through a straw!! We’ve had clients ship us necklaces like this and it is always appreciated. Easy way to make sure the chain doesn’t get all tangled up and saves you time when you need to quickly grab a piece to wear!
  3. Keep your pieces on you! Not only do we recommend keeping your special treasures right by you in your carry-on/personal item, but also wear some of the items while you’re traveling. This is not to say we’re recommending you wear that delicious 3 carat aquamarine with diamond accent stones in the Atlanta airport…but your layering necklaces, your stud earrings (and an extra set if you have double piercings), any bangle stacking bracelets, you get the drill. Make your life easier when you get to where you’re going to lay out what you brought to decide that night what’s going to help you dazzle! 


*Bonus tip for all of you fine jewelry fanatics*

  1. Utilize your hotel safe! Yep - fine jewelry is worth something and you don’t want to be stressed out about what could happen when you’re out of the room. Instead of leaving those beautiful, juicy gems at home, bring them with you and actually use what the hotel offers! Then bring those stunners out for the gala, most exciting dinner reservation, luau, anniversary date and really let yourself SHINE! 

With pieces going in and out of our studio, we would be devastated to hear anything happen to something in your collection! So don’t just think you’re doing it for you. You’re doing it for us too ;) So with that, let us welcome you into the planning/packing/shopping season as we see that warm sun trying to make its debut!

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